Mark Wangwiwattana

Software Developer

About Mark

What I love: Expirimenting with new technologies, Meditating
What I do: Game Programming, Web Design
What I play: JRPG, Simulation, Mobile Games

PupilWare: Towards Pervasive Cognitive Load Measurement using Commodity Devices (PETRA Conference 2015)

PupilWare, a system that analyzes pupil size changes through commodity cameras like those in a laptop. We evaluate PupilWare’s ability to measure changes in pupil dilation using classic cognitive psychology experiments and validate its performance compared to infrared gaze trackers and medical grade pupillometers.(More..)

Pupil Segmentation from a Video File

The changing in pupil diameter is used to determine the level of cognitive load, sexual arousal, and level of pain. This algorithm can segment a pupil from a webcam video and image file. It can be used to capture pupil response to predict various of psychological information.(More..)

Real-Time Emotion Recognition

This paper discusses facial expression recognition based on the Eigen faces method and using depth data from a ToF (Time-of-flight camera) camera in order to resist varying lighting conditions in real-time applications and computer games. (More..)

KravenManor’s UI Design

Kraven Manor challenges the player to explore an expansive manor to discover the mysteries that lurk within. In Kraven Manor, the player has the power to dynamically alter the layout by interacting with a miniature scale model of the manor.(More..)

The Day Ice Cream Stood Still

The Day Ice Cream Stood Still” is about Hans C. Gorflaggendorf, a young German boy who must thwart a dairy revolution led by The Incredible Angus to restore functionality to a shutdown ice cream factory so the workers can continue producing Han’s favorite flavor of ice cream.(More..)

Modern Toyfare’s UI Design

Modern Toyfare is a first-person shooter capture the flag (CTF) game intended for single player and multiplayer use. The players embody the soldiers of two opposing toy armies using imaginative weaponry to defeat their opponents and steal their flag.(More..)

Complex Procedural Voxel Terrain

It is application that auto regenerate complex voxel base terrain. Techniques used to generate are Marching cubes algorithm, tri-planner texture mapping, Ambient Occlusion, and Dynamic Phong Lighting.(More..)

3Ds Max Model Exporter

3Ds Max Model Exporter is a plugin used for 3D Studio Max to export models information to 3D game engine. This plugin support exporting vertex, normal, texture coordinate with defuse textures. It also supports skinned animation.(More..)

Simple Miner

Simple Miner is a simple version of MineCraft. It is a game that allow players to explore the land of block, dig to ground and create anything with cube.(More..)

Grow Me

Grow Me is a physic based 2d game, specifically developed for Android platform ether phones and tablets. The goal of the game is to convey water from the cloud to a flower seed by drawing staves anywhere on the scene.(More..)

Panda Engine

Panda Engine is a C/C++ 3D game engine. It is integrate with industrial standard open source library such as zlib, OpenGL and OpenAL. Moreover, it has custom 3DSMax plugin to import models, animation, light source, and camera to the engine easily.(More..)

Space Shooter

Space Shooter is a 2D top down view multiplayer network game.(More..)

Computer Graphics Learning Tool

Computer Graphics Learning Tool is developed as a learning aid to students in computer graphics class to visualize what would happen when OpenGL parameters changed, such as light and materials setting effect color of the object.(More..)