Grow Me


Grow Me is a physic based 2d game, specifically developed for Android platforms. The goal of the game is to convey water from the cloud to a flower seed by drawing staves anywhere on the scene. When the seed has enough water, it gradually grows. Players can select levels. The number of golden flowers is based on how many stave that players use to pass the level. The more staves used, the less golden flowers players have. Players can pause, restart, or go to level selection screen at any time. This image shows another level in the game. The higher level, the more challenging for players.

This project I used Android NDK for performance purpose. I wrote a new 2D game engine specifically for this project by using C/C++, because mobile devices only support OpenGL ES2. Moreover, there are several things to consider such as how to manage apps stages ( active, suspend, lost focus ) and memory usage and battery consumption.

Each level information is easily read from single XML documents. Level designers can easily add as they need.


Platform Android
Genre 2D casual
Technology Android NDK, C/C++
Team Size individual project
Development Time 3 weeks


  • Developed and design UI
  • Developed game all mechanics.
  • Designed and created all art assets.



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