KravenManor’s UI Design


I was a UI Programmer and Designer for Kraven Manor. I should tell you about Kraven Manor.

Kraven Manor challenges the player to explore an expansive manor to discover the mysteries that lurk within. In Kraven Manor, the player has the ability to dynamically change the layout by interacting with a miniature scale model of the manor.

Platform Windows
Genre First Person Survival Horror
Technology Unreal Development Kit, UDK Script
Team Size 12 People
Development Time 8 months



As Kraven Manor is a horror game, immersiveness is very important. To Maximize Immersive experience, we decided to go with HUDless design. As a result, Kraven Manor’s UI mainly focuses on three elements.

  • Usability
  • Simplicity
  • Elegance

Design for Usability : Players only see what they need to see. There will be no distraction from the game. All HUD needs to feel disappear. With that goal, I made use of transparency and hide HUD elements about which players don’t need to know currently. If they need that information later on, they can access to it easily. I used several techniques to accomplish the objectives.


 battery shimering notification
(a) Transparency battery indicator. (b) Shimmering Interact objects when mouseover. (c) Objective Notification that can hide itself.


Designs for Simplicity and cohesion : Every dialog, and windows use the same style. All information is organized by simple lines. It’s simple, clean,  intuitive, and consistent.


 dialogBox  keybinding2  language
(a) Dialog Box. (b) Key Binding Screen. (c) Spanish language Option Screen.


 Designs in Elegance : I used classic black, silver, and gold as the main color. Using transparency and blur effect added depth and complexity to the UI. Moreover, to maximize immersive experience to the game, some of the UI are 3D models. All dynamic light sources in the level directly affect the UI. At very dark places, I put a small dynamic point light that shine only that UI elements. It is always noticeable every time players need.


 menu  options2
 (a) A 3D menu book that can be interacted with it directly. (b) A gold cursor and silver slider buttons.



  • Developed and design UI
  • Developed game mechanics that related to player’s interaction and communication such as Flashlight, Journal, Footstep sound, etc.
  • Developed and design various Kismet nodes related to the cinematic, special effects, and player’s interaction.
  • Developed and design 3D main menu.
  • Developed localized system.
  • Translated game dialog to Thai language.