PupilNet: Measuring Task Evoked Pupillary Response using Commodity RGB Tablet Cameras

Pupillary diameter monitoring has been proven successful at the objectively measuring cognitive load that might otherwise be unobservable. This paper compares three different algorithms for measuring cognitive load using commodity cameras. We compare the performance of modified starburst algorithm (from previous work) and propose two new algorithms: 2 Level Snakuscules and a convolutional neural network […]

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PupilWare: Towards Pervasive Cognitive Load Measurement using Commodity Devices (PETRA Conference 2015)

Abstract Cognitive load refers to the amount of effort required by an indi- vidual to process information. Dating back more than fifty years, the cognitive psychology community has conducted experiments showing that the cognitive load experienced by an individual can be measured using sub-millimeter fluctuations in their pupil size, assessed using medical grade infrared devices […]

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Pupil Segmentation from a Video File

Details The changing in pupil diameter is used to determine the level of cognitive load, sexual arousal, and level of pain. This algorithm can segment a pupil from a webcam video and image file. It can be used to capture pupil response to predict various of psychological information. The first technique uses Water Shade algorithm […]

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